Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fgunz Server is Down

They are having some problems with the server so it is down until further notice.............

INFO ON SERVERhttp://www.freestylersworld.com/showthread.php?p=80341#post80341

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Color Codes

You can make the text that you type colored. Or you can donate $5 where you made your account and get it put in your name permanently. That will make your name and whatever you say be the color that you wanted.

Color Codes

Red: ^1 (text)

Green: ^2 (text)

Dark Blue: ^3 (text)

Yellow: ^4 (text)

Light Purple: ^5 (text)

Purple: ^6 (text)

Yellow,(again for some reason) ^7

Cyan: ^8 (text)

Off White: ^9 (text)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Legendary Moves

Don't try these moves until you have all of the advanced moves down. These moves are hard to get and require Practice Practice Practice.

Reload Shot(2RangedWeps)-Press reload at the same time as pressing the key to switch to your second gun AND immediately after shooting the first gun. This technique will work with any weapon that has a long shooting animation. It can be combined with multiple other K-style moves such as Light Step or Half Step

Slash Shot(Ranged&Melee)-Ok, to slash shot have out your sword, jump,while in the air quickly slash, change to your gun, shoot, and right when you hit the ground you should be changing back to your sword. This maneuver is probably the most famous killing technique in Gunz.

Light Step(MeleeOnly)-Jump, dash, slash, and dash again before you hit the ground. This will train you for half-step and flash-step.

Flash Step-Jump, Slash, Change to gun, Change to melee, Slash. This is a move that lets you slash twice in one jump.

Half Step-Jump, dash, hold slash, change weps, Immediately dash, your gun will shoot.

Sky Block- This move almost always allows you to block a massive attack(unless its the un-blockable 180 degree massive.) Anyway, when someone goes to massive you look up in the air and hold your block button. If you are fighting a turtle when u try to slash, they will block. This will make you stop and charge their massive. look up in the air and tap your block button multiple times.

Advanced Wall Climb-Go up to a wall, with your sword out jump at the wall and hit slash and jump at the same time switch to your gun(don't shoot) switch back to your sword and keep climbing. If done fast and correct the weapon switching cancels the time it takes to dash at the wall and climb again, thus making in the fastest possible wall climb.

Double Butterfly-Instead of normal butterfly, with one slash this one allows you to slash twice before you hit the ground. Practice on a wall. When facing a wall as soon as you jump slash and block then slash and block again right before you hit the ground

E-Launch(SwordOnly)-Okay, you already know how to launch someone in the air with your sword, so we will tell you how to do it from far away! Go to dash double click a movement key right when you hit your second click hit your launch button. If you do this correctly, right when you go to launch you will slide far in which ever direction you choose. This is very easy once you've had lots of practice

E-Lunge-Okay this is like E-Launch but with a dagger. Right when you go to dash forward hit your launch/lunge key this will make you lunge a very far distance. If you want to E-Lunge and not get shot E-Lunge backwards (Right when you go to dash backwards lunge this will make you lunge and then slide back very far.

Quick Medding-For this you need two sets of meds(Preferably health and armor meds). Get out your meds hold your shoot button while you switch through the two sets of meds, thus cancelling the time it takes you to drop two of the same meds(Without quick medding you drop a med about every 3 seconds)

Void Step(GreatSwordONLY) Ok notice how when you hold down your attack button for a second the slash is faster than if you tap the attack button. Quick and timed holds make this a very leet and damaging weapon.

Advanced Moves

Wall Run(Vertical)-Stand Facing a wall, hold forward and jump at the same time. This will make you run up the wall in a vertical direction. Great for evasive maneuvers.

Wall Run(Horizontal)-Face the wall at an angle, as soon as you touch the wall hit your jump button, you will start running alongside the wall. you can hit your jump button again to propel yourself away from the wall. This is a great evasive maneuver as well as a killing technique.

Wall Hang(Melee Only)-This move requires a melee weapon to be in use. Jump at a wall and hold your right mouse button. You will hold out your sword and it will catch on the wall, thus letting you wall hang. If you want to use it to get to somewhere high up, while you are hanging hold forward and then jump and hang again to climb the wall. If you don't hold forward when you jump it will propel you away from the wall.

Tumbling(Ranged Only)-This move can only be done with a gun out. Double-tap one of your movement keys(W,A,S,D). This will cause you to dive and roll in that direction. How much you can turn while tumbling is limited. Great for shooting people while dodging bullets.

Dashing(Melee Only)-With a sword out, double tap one of your movement keys. This will cause you to dash in that direction. Dashing is great for being evasive while still doing sword attacks. Dashing is faster than tumbling and can be made very quiet, which is the reason dashing is the preferred way to get around.

Blocking(SwordOnly)-Unlike dashing, which can be done with any melee weapon blocking can only be done with a sword or a set of kodachi's. To block, you must hold your shift key. you can only block for so long before it makes you stop and you have to hit shift again. While blocking you can block bullets, but you cannot block your legs from gunfire. You can block most sword attacks but not a massive.(Without Sky Block)

Massive(MeleeOnly)-A massive strike is a devastating move that makes your sword glow and when the attack is done it stuns your opponent making them unable to do anything for a few seconds. There are only two ways to gain a massive strike. The first way is by successfully blocking a sword attack, the second way is by holding down your attack button, causing you to attack once and then start charging your sword.

Insta-When facing an opponent, hit your right click button. This will cause your opponent to go in the air and land on your back. This move has the same outcome with all 3 different melee weapons, somone helpless on their back. But, they all have different animations. While the sword makes someone go into the air and on their back the dagger insta move makes you lunge at your target knocking them on their back and damaging them. This is a great way to kill someone without taking damage at all.

Things That Will Get You Banned!

These are a list of things that will get you banned in Freestyle Gunz.

Being spiteful. Being an ego maniac. Hacking,

Quest Bugs

The Quest mode has bugs and the monsters can only hit you with ranged attacks. Will post quest tactics and item combinations when they fix the bugs.